Guide Questions to consider

Guide Questions to consider when submitting a case study


Role/model overview:

  1. What are you responsible for delivering?
  2. Are there any frameworks/qualifications/ standard operating procedures/ agreements in place to govern operational activities?
  3. How was the role/ model implemented (from concept discussion to agreement, what were the challenges and enablers)?
  4. Is training or mentorship a requirement to implement the role/ model and if so how was this managed?

Role/model detail:

  1. What is the driver for the development of this role/ model?
  2. How does the role/model supplement existing teams?
  3. How does the role/ model complement existing skill-mix?
  4. How would you encourage uptake of this role/ model?

What’s the impact?

  1. Words of wisdom and lessons learned
  2. A typical working day
  3. What do you love about your job/team?
  4. What motivates you in your job?
  5. Future aspirations – career and professional ambitions
  6. How does your role/ model benefit patients, service users and the community?
  7. What do the service users think?

Organisational Context

  1. What resources/measures were put in place by the organisation to support/facilitate the seamless transformation of the role/service e.g. Induction; training; probation/ shadowing periods.