Complex Care Therapy Hub

"The therapy needs which don’t go away, evolve and change. We want to make sure that we are offering rehabilitation where we can, but we’re also managing their current situation and preventing further problems."

Diana Turner and Esther Vanderhoek

Esther and Diana

"Complex Care Therapy Hub"
Diana Turner and Esther Vanderhoek

What is a Complex Care Therapy Hub

This model enables people to receive therapy in a specialised space located not in the hospital, but in the community, or at home if more appropriate. The hub provides social interaction as well as treatment with specialist equipment from across the Health Board region co-located to provide a person centred, person feedback designed, therapy environment.

The hub meets the highly specialist therapy needs of individuals eligible for continuing health care funding, under the national framework for continuing health care in Wales. It also enables different clinicians to come together and learn from, with and about each other while providing high-quality care.

Specialist Medicines Management

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