Models of care

Understand the right support needed for your community.

It is important to put the right employees in the right place.


Direct access to the right professional at the right time

Maximising skillsets and expanding multi-professional team-working to develop safe and effective systems to direct people to the right care in the right place and at the right time. This allows skillsets of each professional to be used optimally while complimenting the skillsets of others.


Urgent / Same Day Primary Care

The urgent primary care model enables people with urgent primary care needs to access advice, assessment and care closer to home and safely avoid the need to present elsewhere in the system.


Supporting people with complex needs

As the health and care needs of an individual become more complex, having an integrated multi professional team supporting the person helps to ensure that they get the best outcome for themselves, delivered through a value-based healthcare approach.


Planning, prevention and promotion

Planning, prevention and promotion High quality health and care is supported through careful planning of services, and focus on illness prevention and health promotion. Explore the innovative services being developed here in Wales.