Specialist Medicines Management

"So, there is one thing that we have learnt, which is to very much encourage and stick by these patients throughout their whole journey."

Paul John and Rhys Oakley

Paul Rhys

"Specialist Medicines Management"
Paul John and Rhys Oakley

What is a Specialist Medicines Management

This service showcases a service developed to address a public health priority through multi-professional service delivery.  The service has helped expand blood-borne virus testing services and ultimately leaves no one behind when it comes to treatment for viral hepatitis. The pharmacist role integrates services in prisons, community pharmacies and outreach posts, supporting the principle of care closer to home. This includes migrant health screening and actively integrating with marginalised communities. The ultimate driver for providing these services beyond hospital settings is to support the achievement of the World Health Organisation's goal of eliminating blood borne viral hepatitis by 2030.

Complex Care Therapy Hub

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