Primary Care Audiology Service

"Colleagues, GPs, nurses. They are all very, very big advocates of the service, and I think we are saving them a lot of time as well. With us being in primary care, the patients are seeing the right person at the right time."

Katherine Chilvers and Nicola Phillips

Nicola and Katherine

"Primary Care Audiology Service"
Katherine Chilvers and Nicola Phillips

What is a Primary Care Audiology Service

The service enables people to access ear care services directly via their GP reception. When they come into the clinic, their hearing is assessed, and they have a full set of diagnostic testing, treatment and management planned with appropriate treatment and management arranged. Any further diagnostic testing, such as MRI scans are also arranged. This reduces demand on GPs and GP nurses as well as providing an efficient, effective service for patients, triaging for secondary care services such as ENT and a simplified patient pathway.

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner

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