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What you need to know


What is it?

Health Education and Improvement Wales, in collaboration with the Strategic Programme for Primary Care created this website as a resource to promote the good practice and innovative ways of working being demonstrated across Primary and Community services in Wales.

Each case study

  • Uses spotlight videos to showcase skillsets and non-traditional ways of working, focusing on the ‘lived experience’ of those involved.
  • Demonstrates examples of integrated multi-professional working and service delivery efficiencies and improvements, delivered through identifying and responding to local population needs.
  • Provides readers with information and evidence for re-shaping the local workforce to meet local population healthcare needs by emphasising skills over roles.

Will my Role/Model be suitable?

If you work in primary and/or community care and:

  • Work to the top of your licence to better meet local health & wellbeing needs, or
  • Deliver care in a new or innovative way that benefits the local population, or
  • Are part of a new or innovative model of working that has shown good results.

Then yes, we invite you to submit a case study for inclusion on the website.

What are the benefits to me?

You can raise awareness with peers and commissioners of services on how the workforce can be better shaped or optimised to meet local requirements and promote better understanding of what we already have that works well.

As a once for Wales platform for the sharing of innovative and unique models of primary and community care provision it saves time, money, and effort involved in local promotion; enabling case studies to be utilised, via hyperlink, to support aligned work and avoid duplication.

What will I have to do?

You will be asked to submit a video and written account based on a few questions about the role/service model you undertake and supply supporting materials such as job descriptions and service evaluations. A few stills from the video may be used on the site. Please see a list of guide questions to consider.


Please complete the new case study submission form below and click ‘submit’.


Case Study Submission Template

Please complete the template below and include bilingual text, photos, video files in an editable format to support upload to the website. All submissions are subject to review therefore please ensure the contact noted below has full authority to make any changes or decisions required prior to final approval for upload.

Contact form

Contact information:

Content information:

Which of the ‘Our Workforce Strategy’ themes does your work align to? (please tick as appropriate)

Please supply the essential components in the table below to complete your submission:

Case Study Title
Name(s) of the participant(s) interviewed
Desktop Montage
Provide a photograph of a desktop containing a few items synonymous with the model/roles in the case study
Final interview film
Aim for no more than 15 minutes in duration. Welsh subtitles are acceptable if interviewees are not bilingual.
Quote/Soundbite encapsulating the work
Ideally from the interview
Interview transcript/written account
This does not no need to be word for word
Brief summary of the model/role
1 or 2 paragraphs to summarise only
Photo of the case study participant(s)
This can be a still from the interview
3 to 4 documents or links to resources supporting the case study
eg job descriptions / model specifications, evaluation reports, codes of conduct etc.
Ensure these meet the Welsh national direction for this profession/role/model.